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A letter from… Hebron

HebronI’m travelling with Christian Aid to Israel/Palestine, and our first day’s outing was to Hebron, an eerie, desolate place.

It’s a city of two halves. It’s home to 175,000 Palestinians, and since the 1980s 750 Israeli settlers have joined them. This is a street in the Israeli sector (where Palestinians are still a 40 to one majority). In the 1990s, it was a constantly crammed market street, but now Palestinians are not allowed on the road, so all the shop fronts that line it are closed. Above the shops, people still live in the apartments, but can’t leave them by the front. Some can only leave by the roof.

To the left you see a graveyard. To the right you see pretty much the same.

(Picture credit: Tom Pilston/Christian Aid)

What’s wrong with this sentence?

From the Mail: “A Christian evangelical pastor is on trial accused of stealing more than $40m from the megachurch he founded to fund his wife’s dreams of being a pop star in the US.”

There’s something about all this that sounds a bit wrong to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.