It’s another sign

003This is what’s happening at the end of my road.

It seemed like a good illustration for the What Will the Church Look Like in 40 Years? piece – considering the four-part harmonious grimness of the four writers’ assessments.

But all’s not quite as it seems. At least not in the picture.


Here’s the sign from another angle:

So that’s a London phone number, and a Welsh noticeboard.

Depending on how good your Welsh and/or eyesight are, you might see that the church for sale is Lewisham’s leading Welsh-speaking Presbyterian church.

In fact the church that’s closing isn’t the one with a spire in the picture, it’s the Tudory building immediately next door. So the question isn’t so much why it’s closing but how it ever came to be there, and how it lasted so long.


In the 13 years I’ve lived on this road, this church has had an endless fascination for me. I’ve never seen any congregation coming or going, or heard anyone singing¬†Pantyfedwen, though I have sometimes seen someone cutting the grass.

If you know anything about Lewisham’s premier Welsh-speaking ¬†Presbyterian church ¬†- such as who, when, how and above all why – do drop us a comment.

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